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Evangelization is a Lifestyle

Every believer can discover this breathtaking lifestyle by learning to share Jesus with others in his or her own unique way. Sharing the Gospel is more than an event or a program. Evangelization is a lifestyle – and it is a lot of joy!

  1. Recognize that God wants to use you, and experience a new dimension in your everyday life.
  2. Discover the possibilities in your environment for producing fruit for eternity.
  3. Develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

God wants to empower you to reach people with the Gospel regularly, right where you are.
“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses.”

1. Personal Evangelism

Every day can be a special day if you make yourself available. Set yourself a simple goal right now: Every day / week / month I will speak to one person and tell him about Jesus.


  • in a Month

Bless one – pray, care, share, disciple

1. week – pray for a specific person
2. week – approach this person, talk to him/her or
3. week – share Jesus with this person
4. week – invite that person to your church

  • in a Week

You have many opportunities in your everyday life to share Jesus: Supermarket, restaurant, subway, neighbor, colleague, bus stop, family reunion, university, school, shopping mall, hospital, retirement home. Everywhere people are open to hearing the Gospel.

  • in a Day

for the Evangelist: reach one person a day!

2. Church on the Move

The whole church is getting active on a regular basis. There are different ways to do that:

Evangelize as a church

  • with your whole congregation – everybody together

The whole congregation is reaching evangelizing e.g. once a month on a Saturday or after the Sunday service

  • with cell groups or home fellowships

Get active and evangelize with the different cell groups or discipleship groups in your church once a month

Be part of this dynamic movement of evangelism and discipleship.

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